Will Twitter be useful to my business?

This is a question that is asked by every client that I have ever had a consultation with.

Twitter was started in 2006 and has over 8 million users in South Africa.

Twitter is a very opinionated platform and designed to encourage engagement. This platform is great for public debate, real-time posting, high frequency posting, connecting with influencers and like-minded people are a great way to do micro blogging and encourage click troughs to your website, blogs or online shops.

If you have a large company this is a great way to do polls as you can find out your users preferences, what they think of your new product or any other information that can help promote or develop your service or product offering.

While this sounds really great, you need to be very active on social media, post at least once a day and develop a certain look and feel. Your content you are posting needs to be very specific and informative that your followers will engage and retweet your posts. Your posts also need to be thoughtful, humorous or provoke your followers to take action.

The size of your business and type of enterprise will play a huge role in the use of Twitter. Large companies follower competitors by making lists and use it for networking to follow trends and news in the industry, but have the staff to follow and post for them on twitter.

Before you decide which platforms you need to utilize for your industry I strongly suggest you do thorough research, look at your objectives and target market and develop a strategy. You can find some look-alike companies and see how and where they are posting.

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