We are often asked what is the difference between e-commerce product photography and lifestyle product photography, and why the cost difference?

Depending on your website layout, or the platform on which you sell your products, it will be specified, that the product needs to be on an internet white background, or a creative image that depicts the product in the best way possible.

E-commerce photography will always be costly, as each of these images is captured on a white background, but needs to graphically designed and edited to look exactly the same with the same white background appear the same size and is a very time consuming to achieve the perfect look, so they all appear standard.

Lifestyle photography, however, even though it has less editing to complete, it still takes hours of planning and styling. It will be finding the elements in the product or items to compliment the product or placing them in content. This is the creative side and is always wonderful to help clients plan ahead for all the holidays and events for the year to shoot as much social media content for them in one shoot.

With both of these product images, each image, however, needs to be scanned, from corner to corner to remove, dust particles and blemishes, in such a way not to deceive the buyer in any way, before handing them over to the client.

Here is a very basic example of the two:                        

E-commerce product photography

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