Web Design

Web Design has become an essential part of Business Management. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business in the event that the Social Media Channels you use close down? Website is the no. 1 platform for conversions and credibility. SEO and Mobile responsiveness play a huge part in user experience and conversions on the World Wide Web.

ICapture Solutions take pride in supporting business owners, from their imagery to their online presence. Melanie has completed her studies, in both Business Management, Photography, Social Media Marketing and Web Design and can assist with the critical thinking process around Branding, Marketing and the company’s online presence, while Mark has completed his studies in Facebook Marketing, Photography and Photoshop Design.

We offer Web Design as well as Corporate Identity to assist Entrepreneurs and Companies and stand out above the rest. Let ICapture Solutions help you tell people WHO you are, WHAT you offer, WHY you offer that, and HOW you stand out from the rest!